Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. subsidiary. I.noun Lowe is part of the Lowe Group, one of the three large subsidiaries of Interpublic.


Your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio. / səbˈsɪdieri / plural subsidiaries (also subsidiary company) a company that is controlled by another: a banking / foreign subsidiary. a majority-owned/ wholly owned subsidiary. subsidiary of sth California First Bank is a 77%-owned subsidiary of Bank of Tokyo.

which means that the Group is particularly exposed to rising energy costs. the assets of such subsidiary before the Issuer, as a shareholder,  Arise AB (publ) is the parent company, a subsidiary of the group in which Arise AB on page 39 have the same meaning when used in this Prospectus, unless  In 1989 , it came under the purview of SATS Security Services Pte Ltd , a wholly owned subsidiary of the SATS Group . Singapore Airport Terminal Services. ring-fencing of Hexagon Purus from the definition of the Hexagon Group “Group” means the Issuer and its Subsidiaries from time to time,  Denna definition av mindre företag omfattar då även dotterbolag i koncern.

Subsidiary group def

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pl. sub·sid·i·ar·ies 1. One that is subsidiary to another. 2. A subsidiary company.

For capital issued by a consolidated subsidiary of a group to third parties to be eligible for inclusion in the consolidated capital of the banking group, paragraphs  

Subsidiary definition: A subsidiary or a subsidiary company is a company of these subsidiary companies as part of the accounting results for the group of  adjective · serving to assist or supplement; auxiliary; supplementary. · subordinate or secondary: subsidiary issues.

Subsidiary group def

2019-07-09 · An affiliated group is a parent corporation and one or more subsidiaries that are all treated as one company for federal income tax purposes. Education General

Intermediate holding company: A holding company of a subsidiary, but is itsel Did you know that there is a big difference between subsidiary and branch? Find out which ones in this Share. Contact us. Contact us.

Subsidiary group def

· of or relating to a subsidiary. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. subsidiary.
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Universal Music Group is home to the most iconic and influential labels & brands in music.

Since it is possible to have a subsidiary located in a state different from the parent company, all laws and rules governing corporations in the state apply to the subsidiary. 2017-05-16 · A subsidiary company is a business entity that is controlled by another organization through ownership of a majority of its voting stock. This separate legal structure may be used to gain certain tax benefits, track the results of a separate business unit, segregate risk from the rest of the organization, or prepare certain assets for sale. Many translated example sentences containing "a subsidiary of the group" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations.
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regarding the acquisition of holdings by direct or indirect parent undertakings must be interpreted to mean that, in the case of a group of undertakings, the 

A profitable subsidiary means a parent company receives dividends which can be a source of capital for business growth. Many businesses are structured such that one or more of the entities is a subsidiary, but what is subsidiary?

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Subsidiary Group means, in respect of each special purpose Subsidiary of the Issuer, such special purpose Subsidiary together with its direct and indirect Subsidiaries from time to time (provided that any other special purpose Subsidiary whose sole purpose is exclusively related to the purpose of a Subsidiary Group shall be included in that Subsidiary Group).

UMG Brands & Labels: Def Jam Recordings. Def Jam Recordings limits” policy, meaning it serves as a backstop for all of the local policies, or provided by subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group, Inc. Not all   11 Feb 2021 The pooling of knowledge and expertise in particular means that both parties are able to serve clients even better and further expand the parties'  An entity is related to a reporting entity if, among other circumstances, it is a parent, subsidiary, fellow subsidiary, associate, or joint venture of the reporting entity,  A unit also includes an area defined on the unit plan as a 'unit subsidiary', which is boundaries, which then complicates any strict definition of 'common' property . Make sure you group has an up to date set of Str subsidiary provides services that relate to the investment entity's investment activities, then the Such entities do not meet the definition of an MNE group and,. Regulations as: “classification means, for dangerous goods, as applicable, the shipping name, the primary class, the compatibility group, the subsidiary class,  28 Nov 2016 “Inter-company” means between separate companies; e.g.